We manufacture Monuments using Granite and Marble and also a superior one piece Kerb in Concrete, Cast Stone and Terrazzo.

We provide excellent quality service along with periodic repairs and maintenance. We have been servicing the Goldfields and all country areas for over 50 years.

We have several different types of Monuments and Memorials in a variety of colours and styles:

  • 1. Full size Monuments:

    This generally consists of a kerb (2440mm X 1220mm), Ledger and Headstone with optional Base and Path. These can be manufactured from Concrete, Cast Stone & Terrazzo (man made products) as well as from Marble & Granite (natural raw materials).

  • 2. Lawn Monuments:

    These generally consist of a base and headstone in Marble or Granite. This monument is usually placed on a concrete plinth.

  • 3. Memorial Gardens:

    This consists of a natural rock with a recessed bronze plaque.

  • 4. Military or City Council Monuments:

    These are large Granite landmarks as per Community requirements.

  • 5. Bronze plaques and Monumental accessories.

    We supply all types of Bronze plaques and accessories such as Crosses, Crucifixes, Statues, Vases, Ceramic Floral arrangements and various other products associated with Memorials.